Nomai is a Finnish company that promotes female health with the aid of high-quality menstrual products and medical expertise. The company is run by its founders, the power duo of gynaecologist Nonna Heiskanen and nurse Mari Kosunen.

Nonna Heiskanen kehitti kuukupin

Nonna Heiskanen

A Gynaecologist, Doctor of Medical Science, Docent Nonna Heiskanen has had a long career in female health care.

Over the course of her career, Nonna has worked as a specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in the Kuopio University Hospital and as a gynaecologist at private clinics. At the moment, Nonna receives patients at Terveystalo Kuopio.

In addition to working as a doctor, Nonna has also earned credit on the basis of her research on obstetric complications and their causes. Nonna has produced a total of 27 international research publications. Due to her research work, Nonna has been awarded with the Seth Wichmann Award of the Finnish Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in 2009 and the Martti Hämäläinen Award in 2011.

Nonna’s family, with six children, is also an important part of her life.

Mari Kosunen

In 1998, Mari Kosunen graduated as a nurse with internal medicine and surgery as her specialty. She also has a Bachelor of Health Care degree, which she completed in 2011. With the aid of her qualification as a public health nurse, Mari has gained extensive experience in matters related to, e.g., menstrual and sex education. In the course of her career, Mari has treated patients in the Kuopio University Hospital.

In addition to her career as a health care professional, for the past few years, Mari has also worked in the family company and conducted valuable work as a stay-at-home mother of her four children.

Sairaanhoitaja Mari Kosunen on Nomai-kuukupin kehittäjä


Vuonna 2018 perustetun Nomain missiona on tarjota naisille markkinoiden laadukkaimpia kuukautistuotteita sekä luotettavaa tietoa naisterveyteen liittyvistä asioista. Yrityksen päätuote, Nomai-kuukuppi on gynekologi Nonna Heiskasen suunnittelema, suomalaisten käyttäjien testaama ja Suomessa valmistettu laadukas kuukautissuoja. Tuotteen kehityksen pohjana on vahva osaaminen naisten terveydenhoidon ja lääketieteen tutkimuksen maailmasta.

Nomai’s values

Improvement of female health
Promotion of sustainable development
Reduction of plastic waste

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