Menstrual Cup Size

Choose the right size for you

All of our bodies are unique – and so is our menstruation. If the same size clothes don't fit everyone, why would a same size menstrual cup?

Nomaicups are made in three different sizes, so you can choose the one that fits you perfectly.

Punainen kuukuppi, musta kuukuppi, kirkas kuukuppi

How to choose the right size menstrual cup?

The best way to find a right cup is also by testing the options, but with a few tips the choosing can be a little easier.

If you are young, your menstruation flow is weak or you don't like using tampons, the S size menstrual cup is your choice. S size cup is our smallest cup with 23 ml capacity. It suits well for young women and new menstrual cup users.

If you have regular menstruation flow and you're used to tampons, our M size cup should be the right one for you. M size cups capacity is 32 ml and it fits most of our customers.

For a heavy menstruation flow our L size cup is the best fit with its 41 ml capacity. The L size cup might seem big but don't worry – the material is very soft and flexible, so it fits easily and doesn't feel bad at all.

Feel free to test our different cups

Our satisfaction guarantee gives the opportunity to order a menstrual cup home and test different sizes to find the right one!

If you're not happy with the cup after testing it for at least 4 weeks, you can return the cup and get your money back.

Remember, that practice makes perfect, so don't give up on the first try. We're sure that when you get used to the menstrual cup, you'll never want to go back!