Nomai sales and delivery terms and conditions

Valid as of 10 September 2020

Ordering from Nomai’s online store

From the Nomai (Business ID: 2917873-4) online store, you can order Nomai menstrual cups. You can get more information about the menstrual cups on Nomai’s website ( or by sending us email (

We sell products to private individuals and companies. We deliver our products to anywhere in Finland as well as abroad (excluding the USA and Canada). The prices include Value Added Tax. A delivery fee will be added to the price (see pricelist at Delivery rates). 

Orders are subject to the sales and delivery terms and conditions valid at the time of ordering. 


Products ordered from the Nomai online store will be delivered to the address provided by the customer or to the delivery location chosen by the customer.

Individual orders are delivered as letters by Finnish postal service Posti. When ordering larger quantities, please contact us about the delivery method:

After you have placed your order and your payment is confirmed, you will get an order confirmation by email. The order confirmation is also your receipt.

The normal delivery time in Finland is 2–4 work days.

Delivery rates

The delivery fee is 3.90 € in Finland and 6.90 € elsewhere in the world. Delivery is free for the orders where total sum overs 80 €.

Product pricing

Check the product prices at our online store. All prices incl. VAT. A delivery fee will be added to your order at checkout. 

Delivery abroad

Delivery abroad usually takes 3–7 work days.


We use PayTrail ( as a payment intermediary on our online store. Products can be paid by major credit cards, Finnish online banking codes or Collector invoice / instalment payments. Businesses may inquire about invoicing by sending us email at

Return policy

As a private consumer, you have the right to return products purchased from the Nomai online store within 14 days after reception of the product. As the Nomai menstrual cup is a hygiene product, it can only be returned if it is unopened, unused and in its original package. If the product is flawless upon return, we will refund the payment within 30 days of receiving the returned item. If the return is deemed unwarranted, we will charge a minimum of 20 € as handling costs.

If you wish to return a product, contact us by email: We will then send you detailed instructions on how to return the product.


When returning a product or making a complaint, you are required to present the receipt of the purchase. A complaint must be done in writing and sent to:

Settlement of disputes

Nomai bears no responsibility for damages, delays in delivery, etc. attributable to force majeure. Contracts shall be governed by Finnish Law. In case of disputes, parties aim at settling the matter by negotiating formally. If negotiations yield no result, disputes shall be resolved by the court of first instance of Nomai’s domicile.


More information about consumer protection in online shopping can be found at the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority website (

Nomai reserves the right to change the product price and delivery fees.

Please note: The English translations are provided as an aid only. In case of discrepancies, the Finnish version is legally binding.

Collector Invoice / Instalment Service

You can use Collector Invoice / Instalment Service to pay for purchases up to 5 000 €.

For the Collector Invoice, you will always get at least 30 days and up to 60 days of interest-free* period.

Hence, the payment is only due on the last day of the month following the date of purchase. (*Interest for the payment period is 0%, an account maintenance fee of 2.95 € is added to the first invoice).

You can settle the balance on the due date or you may choose an instalment plan for 1–36 months. The instalment service is provided automatically if you pay the minimum amount marked on the invoice. If you wish, you may pay larger instalments or settle the entire balance.

The instalment service’s interest is 1.6% a month, which corresponds to a nominal annual interest rate of 19.20%. An account maintenance fee of 2.95€ a month will be added to the invoice, which means that the effective annual interest rate for a purchase of 1 000 € is 21.3%.

When you choose the Collector Invoice / Instalment Service, you will always get the products you ordered delivered before paying for them. This allows for flexibility and security in terms of exchange and return.

Collector Invoice / Instalment Service can be used by persons who are at least 18 years old and have a clean credit record. We will check your credit history when you place an order. For delayed payments and unpaid bills, we will charge a reminder fee of 5 € and a monthly interest rate of 1.6% for the time that the payment was delayed.

For you to be able to pay in instalments and enter into a credit account agreement, you must pay the minimum amount of the invoice by the due date and sign a credit agreement with Collector Bank. See the website ( on how to sign the agreement. 

The full Collector Invoice / Instalment Service terms and conditions can be found on the following websites:

A more detailed service description can be found in Finnish at

The general invoice and credit terms can be found at

The Standard European Consumer Credit Terms can be found at

The credit is granted by Collector Bank AB.