Nomai Triple Set

59,90€ (74,70€)

Good things come in threes!

Nomai Triple Set contains two menstrual cups and a handy sterilization container for the cups. Menstrual flow often varies during your period or from month to month. With this handy triple set, you can choose two cups of different sizes so that you’ll always have a suitable cup at hand. In addition, you will get a sterilization container, made of medical-grade silicone just like the cups, which is the easiest way to sterilize your cup before and after use.

The bundle will save you 20%.

Nomai menstrual cup

Designed by a gynaecologist, the Nomai cup fits perfectly and is secure and comfortable to use. Three sizes, three colours.


Another included Nomai menstrual cup.


Nomai sterilization container

Made of medical-grade silicone, the Nomai sterilization container is the easiest way to sterilize your menstrual cup. Automatically included in the pack.

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